I recently used the Shopify Dawn theme for most of my new projects. It’s okay for 90% of my requirements, but I always have to create custom sections not included in the standard feature set. I prefer Tailwind for almost all of my web projects. Therefore I wanted to use it for custom sections as well. In this tutorial video, I show you how to set up Tailwind together with the Dawn theme and create a custom section.

A quick guide on how to install Tailwind to a Shopify theme

Terminal:npm install -D tailwindcss
npx tailwindcss init

Configure Tailwind

Selling in multiple languages increases sales. With Shopify, it seems to be challenging, but it isn’t.

Sell in multiple languages

Step 1: Translate Your Products and Other Resources

Shopify Hydrogen is the biggest change in the history of e-commerce. And Content Editor will help you manage your text and images with Hydrogen.

How does a normal shop visitor experience Shopify Hydrogen?

Managing content in Shopify

Shopify dialog to manually publish a product to sales channels.

A guide to create a multi-language, multi-currency Shopify online shop without a third-party app.

Markus Tripp

I ❤️ Shopify & Next.js. checkout-agency.com, Founder

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